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My name is Daryl Stanbury and I am your local candidate for the UK Independence party in Tiverton and Honiton. I come originally from Cullompton and in terms of education I did my GCSE’s at Cullompton Community College, A levels at Exeter College and then moved to Exeter University to complete a BA Hons. International Relations and History in 2008. Due to my local roots I am very familiar with the constituency and local issues that arise. I currently am employed by Post Office Ltd and am part of a huge drive to return the Post Office back to profit and keep the fantastic Post Office network alive for the future.

I am standing for UKIP in the next General Election for two simple reasons:

Firstly, I am appalled at the continuing influence the EU has over the UK political system. With 80% of all law coming originally from the unelected and unaccountable EU Commission, concerns of the British people about the state of the UK cannot be properly addressed because the interests of the EU will override British law. Immigration, tax, unemployment, saving post offices, international trade; all these areas as well as many more are now decided or influenced away from Westminster. The people YOU elect to represent and serve you in Parliament are continually restricted by the framework of the EU. On top of this, membership of the EU costs the UK tax payer £6.4 billion pounds per annum in membership costs alone and a further £108 billion in indirect costs as a result of the 120,000 regulations the EU uses to govern. Whereas all the other parties favour further integration, UKIP are the only party in this election taking a stand and ensuring the British interest is served first.

Secondly UKIP is the only party that has set out a full manifesto of real change for the UK. Although the UK is currently on its knees in terms of economics, we must use this election as a catalyst for change. The other parties are asking you to elect them but they are not offering you, the people that will be directly affected by the decisions of the next government a clear direction of where they intend to take the UK. Policy needs to be at the centre of this election but the old and failed parties are focussing on winning the election based solely on PR. We deserve better and to that end UKIP have a produced a full manifesto and policy papers that stress real change that only we can offer as we free ourselves from the EU.

We are the real opposition to the old political elite. Put the British interest first and ensure politics works for you.

Vote UKIP!

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February 28th, 2010

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